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Primary 7 - 1998

Primary 7 - 1998

Date Added: 04 February 2004 Contributor: Gladys Shepherd Year: 1998 Picture No: 646

Back Row: Ella McCleman, Gavin Hogg, Krista Middleton, Keir Robertson, Catriona MacKenzie, Angus Binnie

3rd Row: Philip McDonald, Sam Carpenter, Craig Middleton, Graeme Thomson, Adam ?, Charlie Davidson

2nd Row: Sophie Ratcliffe, David Hogg, Sarah Rogan, Ciaren Hill, Naomi Alston

Front Row: Kelly McGovern, William Thomson, Lauren Hendry, Sam Sleeman.

Albums: School


Second from the right on the 3rd row is Adam Johns. The class is Primary 6 and 7. Comment left on 05 February 2004 by Charlie Davidson
My old class from 1998. What a good photo. I've changed so much. This is Catriona by the way Comment left on 05 October 2004 at 14:20 by Catriona Mackenzie
Ella Mac looking very sexy - from Charnelle in your old admin class. Comment left on 08 December 2004 at 15:11 by Charnelle
Good old days - glad to see everybody smiling. Comment left on 12 June 2005 at 19:26 by Tipper
It's me Adam? thats Johns to all you guys that's forgotten me. Gutted. Johnsy! Comment left on 07 August 2005 at 02:59 by Adam Johns
a great photo of penguin boy b4 his pie eating days.... Comment left on 07 October 2005 at 15:23 by Gav
wow, alot of faces that i'd forgotten-trully good days Comment left on 07 January 2006 at 22:27 by Jam
Sam C looks bewildered. but anyway that was a good year. Comment left on 09 January 2006 at 09:46 by Catriona Mackenzie
Tippers really smiling now what with a BA Hons in Rural Business Management(Agric) and winging his way to Oz to help with the harvest out there travelling from Surat in central Queensland down to Canberra on a combine!!!!!. Comment left on 21 September 2008 at 21:48 by Flora Thomson
Tipper's in Oz. As I write this he is on a bus journey to Roma before his boss picks him up this space ..... Comment left on 05 October 2008 at 22:48 by Flora Thomson
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