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The Paye - c1955??

The Paye - c1955??

Date Added: 31 March 2004 Contributor: Mary Campbell Year: 1955 Picture No: 728

Mary says: "This picture was taken by my father, I think in the 1950s. He worked for the Inland Revenue, where PAYE had a whole different meaning! The photograph merited publication in the Inland Revenue magazine."

"I was interested to note the changes in the 1998 photograph. In this picture the stone wall goes all the way round with a door where the break in the wall is now. Also, there is a lovely neat wickerwork fence on the top of the wall at the front."

Albums: Streets

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Mary. I do so enjoy these photos that you have posted. Please continue. I would love to see more, I would. Love to you and John. Comment left on 13 January 2008 at 01:55 by Sussie Due
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