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Skip Mackay - 1981

Skip Mackay - 1981

Date Added: 22 April 2004 Contributor: Robert Hogg Year: 1981 Picture No: 759

Albums: People


My Granda would have been 71 when this photo was taken and lived til the age of 87 and always had a story to tell us of his life at sea. He always used to ask us questions on the bible while we were waiting for the school bus. Comment left on 25 April 2004 at 23:08 by Ronald Young
Here here I can second that every day for the whole of the acdemy years our Granda asked many children all sorts of questions from the bible - though there were a particular 3 - I know them do you ??
Comment left on 18 June 2006 at 13:41 by Wanda Mackay
The ones i remember Wanda were ( Who was the oldest man that ever lived and died before his father) from the bible and not from the bible (who was the governor of Scotland and was beheaded and his head hung before parliment). Thats the main two i remember. Comment left on 20 June 2006 at 21:53 by Ronald Young
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