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View from Cromarty Harbour

View from Cromarty Harbour

Date Added: 01 January 2003 Contributor: Alison Dunn Year: 1967 Picture No: 78

Shows the hoist originally mounted at the top of the steps.

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I don't remember the hoist, but as kids we used to play with the winding mechanism which remained for years - I'm amazed that no fingers were crushed in the gears. There seems to be an aerial or something to the right of the lookout tower - anyone know about that. Comment left on 15 December 2003 by Garve Scott-Lodge
Was it not a flag pole for hoisting the conical gale warning signal? Comment left on 16 December 2003 by Colin Dunn
Was there much harbour-jumping done in the old days? Can anyone remember the slide going off the harbour in photo #85? Comment left on 16 December 2003 by Greig
The small crane was erected so as the Enterprise & Endeavour could be unloaded of cargo coming from Invergordon, it was maintained by my Uncle Don Watson. Every 5 years the main pole & the load arm were renewed. Many good barrels of beer, and tons of flour for Matheson's were unloaded by ''caw' in the 'anle''.
The Coastguard mast was for the weather cone. Gale force winds, from Northern 'airt ie 090*/270* cone hoisted point 'up', ditto. Southerly 'airt cone hoisted point 'down'.
Comment left on 17 December 2003 by Clem Watson
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