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East Church and Buzancy

East Church and Buzancy

Date Added: 28 August 2004 Contributor: Calum Davidson Year: 2004 Picture No: 922

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Great shots Calum of old 51 ...also picture #919 .. ....and I see Daphnie's old house as well I have to keep a look out for one from the air of no 17 High Street ...there is an old black and white aerial shot on here showing the school .and some of the surrounding area ..but hard to blow up ...although I thought I did see someone in our old back garden in that shot ..could have been me ?as it was 50's/60's when it was taken.
Once again many Thanks's great to have a site like this ..and see pictures virtually posted the same day they were taken - looking at the Cromarty like this, makes me want to book that flight home for a wee visit !!
Comment left on 29 August 2004 at 00:55 by John Macdonald
My name is Jim Story. I bought 49 Church St. in 2007 from the Hardies, and love it to bits. I am intrigued by the names of the houses here.... ie. Buzancy (51) Drumlithie (49) Albion (47) and Wellington House (45 ?)
Any help appreciated. Cannot find any info to date.
Comment left on 17 April 2013 at 18:57 by Jim story
Jim - your house was originally known as Waterloo House, in the 19th C. Wellington, Albion and Waterloo House seemed to have been named that way in a fit of North British enthusiasm around the time that Wellington House was built - 1837 or so. Your house was then renamed by the Hardie's after the Aberdeen-shire farming community from which Sandy Hardie came. I seem to recall that he, Phylis and their daughter are all buried there.

David Alston's house was named after the WW1 battle of Buzancy, a crtical battle in the summer of 1918, where the 15th Scottish Division, came to the relief of the 1st American Division, decimated by an German attack and turned the tide of the war. A Cromarty soldier (a Jack or Hossack, lived there on his return from the war, and named the house after the battle. I remember his death in 1985.
Comment left on 17 April 2013 at 22:48 by Calum Davidson
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