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Demolition of Skatepark - 17 Sept 04

Demolition of Skatepark - 17 Sept 04

Date Added: 17 September 2004 Contributor: Garve Scott-Lodge Year: 2004 Picture No: 933

The skatepark being demolished as it had become unsafe.

Groups: Cromarty Skatepark


I think my cousin, Iain Hogg, was one of the kids who campaigned for the skate park to be built. I remember it caused a few heated discussions at my Granny & Grandad's house (they live in the first house on the Denny, and objected to it quite strongly). It can't have been more than, what? Five years old? Are there any plans to replace it? Comment left on 17 September 2004 at 17:33 by Kirsten Garratt
As with all things in Cromarty, it was popular at first, as it was a novelty. But regular users were few and far between in recent years. Skate-jams (not sure if that is the right name) did seem to be very popular though. Not too fussed myself, but i know a lot of people will be upset by this. 5-aside football pitch as a replacement? Hope so. Comment left on 19 September 2004 at 20:31 by Greig Thomson
I'd think the concrete base would be about the right size for a basketball court. Comment left on 19 September 2004 at 22:25 by Garve Scott-Lodge
The skatepark was an exciting venture for those involved. Jackie Shewan was a brilliant mentor. It is a shame that the main group of skaters were getting to the age for jobs and universities soon after it was completed. The other sad fact is that after the group had skated the same park day after day the thrill of having it was gone and they were once more looking for handrails, steps and other bizarre obstacles to skate; I know; I was their 'road manager' on away trips! They competed at the British Skating Championships in London and did Cromarty proud....... and were all in favour of skating round Newcastle station if we ever passed through there again. They were a pleasure to be around. Comment left on 22 September 2004 at 18:17 by Ann Hill
This skate park was amazing! One of the only things in Cromarty that managed to engage my interest and give me something constructive to do in my teenage years. It's true that after the first group of skaters had grown away from it that it never saw the use it deserved but I was very sad to see it burnt to the ground. Comment left on 05 June 2009 at 19:35 by Duncan
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