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WWII Army Camp on Cromarty Links

Date Added: 07 June 2005 Contributor: Eric Malcolm Year: 1943 Picture No: 1217

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Eric, thanks for this one, where did you manage to get the film to capture this photo in 1943? I always thought the camp was used entirely by the 35th Silesian Battallion of the Polish Army. The larger Nissan hut(left) was used by Balloon Command RAF.

The view suggests to me that the photo was taken from the Coastguard Watchhut . The long Nissan hut was where I used to go and collect Polish stamps for my collection at that time.The Poles also used to make slippers for the locals, from old rope supplied from my father, from our boats. Soles of the slippers were salvaged cardboard, or old tyres!
Comment left on 08 June 2005 at 21:16 by Clem Watson
I used to live in a RAF Nissan hut above Hopeman on the Scottish Moray Firth opposite Cromarty during the Korean War. They were very comfortable. They should be standard issue to all home owners in Fire and windstorm areas of America. Comment left on 02 November 2007 at 05:37 by Eric P Donald FRAeS
I remember living in one of them way back when the house we lived in was getting a bathroom in. My sister and I had a lovely summer playing up there. I seem to remember a lad called Jimmy Riddle used to come and play with us. Comment left on 18 August 2023 at 08:16 by Linda Norman
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