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Inverness - Cromarty bus on fire - 2003

Inverness - Cromarty bus on fire - 2003

Date Added: 01 January 2003 Contributor: Garve Scott-Lodge Year: 2003 Picture No: 224

The local auxilliary fire brigade bring the inferno under control. See also picture #223 and picture #225.

Groups: Inverness - Cromarty bus goes on fire - 27-02-03


I would like to praise the professionalism shown by the local fire brigade led by station officer K Mcfarlane (Pockets). Comment left on 02 March 2003 by George Selvester
Finally, a warm bus. Comment left on 02 March 2003 by Alex Davidson
Well done to the local firemen for their swift and quick work - they did an excellent job that night.
The scene that night was really scary.
Comment left on 05 June 2003 by Elaine
I travelled on the bus on the way to Cromarty as far as Avoch and I knew there was something up with it. It kept squealing and stalling. Highland Country's chewing gum probably snapped in the engine and the bus blew up! Comment left on 26 May 2004 at 13:47 by Jackie Lip
I notice that the Highlands & Islands Fire Brigade admit that the downgrading of the Cromarty auxilliary unit as part of their cost-cutting plans will mean that an extra person will die every 33 years in an incident which local volunteers will not be allowed to attend. Cromarty firefighters duties will be limited to advising locals about fire prevention and assisiting at road traffic accidents and heath fires. Comment left on 30 April 2005 at 16:10 by Garve Scott-Lodge
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