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Cromarty Image Library Version 2

Cromarty Image Library Version 2

Date Added: 04 June 2009 Contributor: Garve Scott-Lodge Year: 2007 Picture No: 2392

In early 2007 we rebuilt the Image Library program. This followed requests to use and buy the software from lots of other locations - Invergordon, Orkney, Alford, Rye Harbour were just a few. Some have overtaken the original Cromarty site, with Eindhoven being the largest - currently with almost 13 thousand photos and over 48 thousand comment.

Cromarty was the first though, and it's now the first to be upgraded to version 3 of our software. We're now actively looking for other communities who want to have similar sites themselves.

See picture #2391 for an example of version 1.


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