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Military Procession in High St - c1910

Military Procession in High St - c1910

Date Added: 01 January 2003 Contributor: Eric Malcolm Year: 1910 Picture No: 288

The date is a guess - when was the market cross moved to its current position in Church St? Note the house between Sydney house and Bank house on the left. When did it come down?

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This might be the Highland Light Infantry who marched through Cromarty in July 1908 Comment left on 22 October 2003 by David Alston
Looking at this picture and also picture #478 I think they might have been taken on the same day. There is a lady standing on the right-hand side, in the gateway of Fosyth House, wearing a hat with a white band, and she is in both photographs! Also the branches of the small tree on the left-hand side are identical in shape. This would mean a very large gathering of troops being lead by the pipe band down the High Street, and turning right into Church Street. Speculation, but would they have been going to a special church service? The reasoning behind this is that last year (2004) I also marched along Church Street, behind a pipe band down to The Links as part of the Urquhart Clan Gathering, and we had just come from a service in East Church. Comment left on 06 January 2005 at 01:30 by Patsy Beech (Urquhart)
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