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Fishertown Beach - looking east

Fishertown Beach - looking east

Date Added: 01 January 2003 Contributor: Colin Dunn Year: 1980 Picture No: 49

This shows the beach of Fishertown before the sea-break of granite boulders was put in place. Prior to that it was a fairly common thing to see stones, seaweed and crab carcases strewn along Shore Street after a winter storm as the wall at the top of the beach was poor protection. Some of the lower level cottages even had floods as their ground floor level was lower than the road.

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The wall was built by Cathel MacKenzie sometime in the 40s. Before that it was a bulwark of wooden posts. (It was known as 'The Bulwark') Comment left on 04 February 2003 by Eric Malcolm
When we were kids, we used to stand on the wall when the tide was high and get splashed by spray from the waves hitting the wall. That was great fun, even if we ended up sodden and salty and got into trouble from our granny/mum/aunties. I remember being so disappointed when they put the big boulders on the beach because they spoiled our fun. Comment left on 12 March 2004 by Kirsten Garratt
Have a look at picture #247 Kirsten, it'll remind you even more. Comment left on 12 March 2004 by Garve Scott-Lodge
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