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Cromarty Sutor - view to Invergordon

Cromarty Sutor - view to Invergordon

Date Added: 01 January 2003 Contributor: Alison Dunn Year: 1967 Picture No: 65

This shows the view from Cromarty Sutor looking west. 36 years later it is now much harder to see this view as the trees and bushes here are much more mature now. Note the lack of oil rigs, and the fact that Invergordon is barely visible as it was much smaller at this time. Alness too was a tiny village at this period, and grew as a result of the Nigg Rig Yard opening in 1972.

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This used to be the view of Cromary I saw every day as I walked down to school in the village. We lived in the old army barracks on the top of the Sutor next to the piggery. Lots of space but sometimes very smelly. Comment left on 04 February 2003 by Fiona Feilberg
I remember that the pig farm was run by Dan Finlayson (Anne Short's father) who used to live in the second cottage up from the bottom of Miller lane. When I was about 3 1/2 he showed me what he insisted was then the biggest pig in Scotland. Huge smelly brute, rather sadly incarcerated in a very small concrete pen. One day one of the pigs got out of the shed and I fled to hide in one of the war bunkers nearby as it tried to eat coal in the small coal shed beside where we were living. Traumatised I was - still become nervous when in the vicinity of bacon. Comment left on 05 February 2003 by Colin Dunn
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