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Sisters Annie & Bella Mcleman (Dhu)

Sisters Annie & Bella Mcleman (Dhu)

Date Added: 15 May 2004 Contributor: Andrew Bathie Year: 1950 Picture No: 798

Annie Mcleman b. 1863 and sister Isabella Finlayson b. 1866 (nee Mcleman). The date I suspect may be a little earlier than that indicated.

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Andrew: Thank you for that excellent photo of the 'weil kent' ladies. I particularly remember Bella.

I used to visit her on Sunday mornings for a 'Cromarty story' en route to my Grandmother's at Seabank. (early 1940's) An occasional 'treat' was a green apple, sliced, with a knife that was pre cleaned with sharp fire ash!, and wiped on her black 'peenie'. To this day when I eat a green apple I remember that dear lady, as I recall a metallic taste that would make your winking eye close!

She was very active till well on in years, and used to go out the Shore Road, accompanied by her friend Mary ('Gyte') to collect 'kies'(pink crab) & lobsters, with a hyook, from under the large boulders on the beach. Both carried skoos on their backs to take the shellfish home.

The 'People's Journal', I remember did an article about them, with a photograph, late 1940's, which might be worth researching, I'll try their archive source personally, and see what transpires.
Comment left on 24 May 2004 at 22:11 by Clem Watson
Thanks Clem, my father has similar recollections. I have another photo which I’ll also post. There’s an earlier one with Bella and her husband Andrew Finlayson also listed (see picture #261). Comment left on 02 June 2004 at 19:47 by Andrew Bathie
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