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Cromarty Bay from the East

Cromarty Bay from the East

Date Added: 04 June 2004 Contributor: Andrew Bathie Year: 1840 Picture No: 822

Very stylised print which I have to say without the title I wouldn't have recognised the scene. No idea who the original artist was.

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I have a copy of this print in colour. The artist was Thomas Allom who was born in London in 1804 and died in 1872. He was a topographical illustrator and architect, and one of the founder members of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). The engraver was S Fisher. Comment left on 04 June 2004 at 19:50 by Estelle Quick
I also have a copy of this engraving, and found the same information about the artist. What is interesting to me is that there appear to be houses along the Reeds. Did the land subside into the sea or what? The subject has always facinated me. Last time I was home I borrowed Eric Malcolm's copies of Scenes and Legends and My Schools and Schoolmasters to try to get some information about the subject. Hugh Miller mentions knowing someone with title to land out in the firth!!! Comment left on 12 March 2006 at 04:58 by Hazel Clark
See no 544. This map of 1871 shows Grove Cottage at the end of Thief's Row (?). I'd love to know if there are any remains of this cottage in the present field. Comment left on 13 March 2006 at 00:47 by Kristina Dupar
Don't know if there are any remains of "Grove Cottage" but if you look at an aerial photograph of that area at low tide you can see quite distinctly what looks like the outline of houses and streets. Mother said that when she was young there was a large area on the sea side of the current path which seems to have gone. There must be info somewhere if one only knew where to look. Comment left on 14 March 2006 at 04:30 by Hazel Clark
Hazel, go to picture 544, and zoomify Grove Cottage. The cottage was certainly existant in 1871, from that date forward other editions of the O.S. Maps may also show it . Record drawings of Cromarty Estate are held with the National Record Monuments of Scotland, and at Craigston Castle(Aberdeen-shire)? They are URQUHARTS, decendants of the Urquharts of Cromarty. I'll check with the O.S. for
you, by giving them a grid reference of the former Grove Cottage.
Comment left on 14 March 2006 at 17:40 by Clem Watson
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