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William Walsh - HMS Natal - c1912

William Walsh - HMS Natal - c1912

Date Added: 02 December 2004 Contributor: Joe Gracey Year: 1912 Picture No: 955

Joe says "This is a photograph of my grandfather William Walsh, Stoker 1st Class, on the HMS Natal when it was destroyed in 1915. He lost his life like so many others. If any of your subscribers can give me any information on him or where I might find out more about him I would appreciate it." See also picture #1415.


Joe, your Grandfather is remembered on the Chatham Naval Memorial - the inscription reads - In Memory of Stoker 1st Class WILLIAM WALSH SS/105456, (RFR/CH/B/8839). H.M.S. "Natal.", Royal Navy who died on 30 December 1915. The link will take you to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission search page and from there you can link directly to your Grandfather's details. With his service number above you will be able to get further details from the MOD Military archive. Enjoy.
Comment left on 03 December 2004 at 14:08 by Arthur Bird
Joe, I have done extensive research into the Natal and your grandfather is indeed on my list of casualties - it reads as follows, WALSH, WILLIAM. Stoker 1st class. SS105456(R.F.R.CH B.8839). Born 26.3.1889, Belfast, Antrim, Lived Belfast. NO KNOWN GRAVE. Please note that when it says lived at Belfast it means this is the location of the next of kin - he may never have lived there. Hope this is of some help. Comment left on 21 January 2005 at 08:42 by John Dyson
Many thanks to those who have commented on the above photograph. It's nice to know that those who died are still thought about. Comment left on 21 January 2005 at 19:46 by Joe Gracey
Hi, just looking at my album. I e-mailed a photograph some time ago and received confirmation of same being received.The photograph showed my grandfather William Walsh, another sailor unknown and his cousin in army uniform. Up to the present it has not appeared on the site or my album. Do I need to e-mail it again? Thank you for a great site. Yours, W J Gracey. Comment left on 16 February 2006 at 13:50 by Joe Gracey
Are there records for a Fredrick Thurlow 1st class stoker? Comment left on 08 August 2012 at 15:16 by Fred Thurlow
This is my Great Uncle from my Granny Burke Nee Walsh. He did live in Belfast and worked on the Titanic H&W as a boilermaker along side his father. They lived in Sailor Town, Belfast. Comment left on 20 February 2023 at 22:15 by paul burke
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